In this miracle Jesus is still in an area that has many pagans. Some people brought a man who was deaf and did not speak clearly to Jesus and begged him to place his hand on the man. Jesus takes the man aside and does touch him by putting his fingers into the man’s ears and then spits and touches the man’s tongue. Then Jesus looks up to heaven and sighs deeply says “Ephphatha!”  Did Jesus sigh deeply because the man was again not “one of the lost sheep of Israel” or was it because the man himself required Jesus to touch and to spit to be healed? Was the sigh because people came for physical healing without wanting a relationship with the healer? This miracle again reminds me to take note of any requirements that I may have for healing and that the point of all healing to is reestablish and deepen the relationship with the Healer so that glory and praise are given to God! Healing is not the complete end result.