In this miracle one who was not “one of the lost sheep of Israel” comes begging for crumbs so that her daughter can be delivered from demon-possession. She believes that Jesus is the Master of all people and of all dis-ease that can come to them. She is very clear in her thinking that Jesus came for Israel but that his coming spills over to all others. I am one of the others that his spilling over has covered and blessed. Do I believe that today Jesus spills out his healing to any and all who will believe He is able to heal? Do I have any requirements for healing that are not Jesus’ requirements?

Jesus tells the woman that because of her great faith her request has been granted! Her daughter is freed. In these miracles of healing demon-possession, it is always someone else who initiates the healing. Those possessed cannot ask for healing – they do not have a right mind. The woman begs Jesus for her daughter’s sake. Am I willing to beg for Jesus to bring healing to those who do not have their right minds?